Bryan Hales

Bryan Hales

Web DeveloperHusband & FatherScuba Diver

Hey there. My name is Bryan, and I live in San Tan Valley, AZ. When I'm not with my wonderful wife and adorable kids, I eat, sleep, and breathe code. I work at WebFilings, in Scottsdale, AZ. It totally rocks.

For fun, I enjoy working in Python/Django, Ruby/Rails, and jQuery. Lately, I've been playing around with Node.js, a bit too, which has been fun. I think Wordpress is pretty sweet when you need something quick and dirty.

I enjoy using whichever technology does the job best. Nothing drives me crazier than someone who refuses to use a technology just because they're not familiar with it or want to stick with one vendor. Its amazing how much more efficient and innovative you can be when you take your blinders off.

I love Startup culture. To me, that doesn't mean staying up all night hopped up on caffiene or getting massive investments from VC firms. It means creating products based on actual customer feedback, not assuming you know all the answers, and iterating quickly. I believe that startups can exist in companies of any size, and not just in The Valley.

I love talking with and meeting interesting people. Want to grab lunch sometime?

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